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Tactical Lights

Model: doba_28669872
This tiny flashlight packs a lot of power.1 high bright led bulb provides plenty of light, and it's so small and portable you can take it anywhere.Carry it on your key ring to keep it with you always.Great for pocket or purse. 3-5/8 inches long - black color - very bright 1 led light - easy push on ..
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Model: doba_27870872
This small but powerful 10 led headlight features a high-visibility blend of 2 red with 8 white led's.Tilt control allows you to position the beam of light.An easy push-button activates the light, and a secure strap attaches either to the handlebars of your bike, or to your head with or without a ha..
$100.05 Ex Tax:$100.05
Model: doba_33945044
This small but powerful 11 led headlight features 9 white led's and 2 red led's to increase visibility.Three functions and an on-off switch make this a necessary addition to your bicycle.Tilt control allows you to position the beam of light.A secure adjustable strap with non-scratch backing attach..
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Model: doba_33946038
At barely 5 inches long, this little flashlight is a real powerhouse.15 led super bright bulbs to light your way, and 1 red laser light to shine with pinpoint accuracy.Perfect to take camping or hiking. 5 inches long aluminum body with camouflage design has a textured handle for sure grip includes 1..
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Model: doba_28669869
This powerful flashlight gives a bright beam to guide your way.Uses 2 d batteries (not included).This is a great flashlight to take along camping or hiking.This flashlight is lightweight to carry.It is a sturdy, reliable light that you can depend on with a life up to 100,000 hours! on/ off switch on..
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Model: doba_33944250
This little flashlight is lightweight and portable to fit practically anywhere. It's made of lightweight aluminum, only 1 oz., and has a textured handle to make it easier to grip. It has a handy carrying strap, to prevent dropping, and three ultra bright leds with large reflectors fo give you all ..
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Model: doba_33946019
5 1/4" flashlight with "gun metal" gray finish.12-led bulbs provide a bright light for many uses.A handy size for glove compartment or tool box.A "must" for every household. unique and attractive design handy carrying strap 12 led bulbs requires 2 "aa" batteries (not included)..
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Model: doba_33944241
This package of flashlights is a great value for the money. You get a total of 6 aluminum flashlights, each with 9 led lights. You get various different colors with 2 different styles, and all 6 flashlights come complete with batteries. You can keep flashlights handy in different locations, or giv..
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Model: doba_27871135
At only 6" in length, this little flashlight does a great big job for you.Great for camping or other outdoor activities.Lightweight and portable, you can take it with you anywhere.Textured finish for a sure grip. durable, corrosion resistant aluminum construction anodised abrasion resistant finish e..
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Model: doba_28670137
This large flasher is really the top of the line in portable emergency lighting.This light measures approx.7" x 3", and is equipped with 24 ultra bright led lights.It rests on a base which has a large, powerful magnet to attach to your vehicle, or it is equipped to be hung on a hook, or screwed into..
$197.10 Ex Tax:$197.10
Model: doba_28669866
This little flashlight is both small and powerful.9 led lights give plenty of bright llight wherever needed, and its tiny size make it perfect for your tool box or first aid kit.Pefect also for purse, pocket, or even to hang from your key ring.It's only 3 1/2 inches long, but what a powerhouse! - th..
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Model: doba_33944244
This flashlight is a power house in a very small package. Even though it's only 4 3/8 inches long, it's the flashlight you will want to take with you everywhere. It features a high beam, a low beam, and a flashing light mode. 3 modes of lighting - high beam, lower beam, and flashing light for warn..
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