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Trolling Motors

Model: IDXMOX029686
Monitor the voltage level and state of charge of any 12-volt battery with an LED display mounted on a compact frame that's easy to store anywhere. Includes LEDs that indicate full, 2/3, 1/3 or 0 state of charge. ..
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Model: IDXMOX023813
Easily remove your Terrova, PowerDrive V2 or PowerDrive or Pontoon Hand Control bow-mount trolling motor. High-yield composite construction is super strong and impervious to corrosion. Low-profile design leaves deck clear when the motor is removed. Locking handle with stainless steel pins can be sec..
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Model: IDXMOX026739
7 inch harness allows sock to be quickly released without tangles while fighting fish. Attaches to any cleat with a 12 inch sewn loop and quick connect clip. Float allows the sock to be quickly released Prevents tangleswhen the fish is on Quick connect clip for easy fastening 12 inch sewn loop attac..
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Model: IDXMOX032457
For Minn Kota cable steer bow-mount motors, this replacement handle features an ergonomic soft-grip design and durable, abrasion-resistant 48 inch nylon rope. ..
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Model: IDXMOX781157
Applicable Motor Models: CLASSiC 28, edge 45, edge 45/H, endUrA 30, endUrA 36, endUrA 38, endUrA 40, endUrA 45, rT40/SC, endUrA PrO 32, endUrA PrO 38, 45Pd v2, rT45/SC/T, TrAXXiS 45/SC, TrAXXiS 45. Motor DIA: 3-1/4 inch. Prop Nut Kit: "A". Delivers extra power to push through heavy vegetation Fits 3..
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Model: IDXMOX186502
Weedless Wedge 2For 112lb Thrust ModelsThe next generation of the industry's only 100% fully weedless prop. Swept-back, flared blades "wedge" weeds away, allowing you to pass through heavy vegetation at any speed, without draining valuable battery power. For 112lb Thrust Models 100% fully weedless p..
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Model: IDXMOX781188
The only 100% fully weedless prop. Design pushes weeds away to conserve battery power. Easily moves through heavy vegetation or cover, even at slow speeds. The only 100% fully weedless prop Design pushes weeds away to conserve battery power Easily moves through heavy vegetation or cover, even at slo..
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Model: IDXMOX028054
This convenient adapter allows quick thru-hull connections to an AC extension cord with no cutting or splicing required using the male AC plug from any of our chargers. The watertight cover and gasket prevent corrosion on the AC plug when it isn't in use. Color: Black ..
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Model: IDXMOX026531
Extension cable allows for an additional 10ft length. Universal Sonar 2 delivers advanced water temperature sensing and DualBeam PLUS technology for the best view of the waters below. These adapters connect your trolling motor to your favorite brand of sonar or fishfinder with IP-68-rated waterproof..
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Model: IDXMOX000156
The MotorGuide Mounting Isolators absorb shock and protect electronics. Ideal for mounting all marine accessories, electronics and trolling motors without having to get under the deck or behind the console. The rubber limits vibration and provides a solid installation. Each rubber isolator has a mol..
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Model: IDXMOX104731
Trolling Motor Power Receptacle for bow-panel installation. Matching two-prong receptacle 12-, 24-, or 36-volt trolling motor receptacle for bow-panel installation Trolling motor power receptacle ..
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